What We Do

Our company “Cine Vision Films” was established in the year 1998. We have hard-core experience in Film Direction, Film Making and Documentaries. Other side, we have completed a number of projects on Sikh History and Commercials (Feature Films,Documentary Films, Short Film, Add Films). More than 300 Music Videos under the sincere leadership of Mr. Harjit Singh Ricky.

We do Story development, Pre-production, Casting, Post Production (It covers Editing, Sound Editing/Effects, Dubbing, Music, Test Screening, Movie Distribution), Movie, Films, Documentary etc.

We do provide the Locations, Crew, Film Cameras, Red Epic Camera, Editing Machine, Lighting, Post Production facility, on hiring basis. We are Providing manpower like – Production Manager, Technician and Spot Boy.

Services : Red Epic Camera Rental,  Post Production, Film Shooting (Feature Films, Documentary Films, Short Film, Add Films, Commercials) Hiring of Film Equipment, Grading, DE (Digital Enhancing), Spacial Light Equipment, Lighting and providing the Locations of Shooting.

Equipment and Accessories on Rental


1. Red Epic Camera
2. 5K sensor capable of capturing 1 to 120 frames per second at full resolution.

Movies covered with this Camera :-

Jatt And Juliet, Sirphire, Jatt Airways, Wannd, Jannat 2, Sajjan, Sadi Gali Aaya karo, Just U and Me


1. Arri Alexa Camera

lightLightsHMI Lights, Baby Light, Solar Light, Softy Light, Skimmers, Multi-20, Crane, Track & Trolly, Reflectors,
Gen Sets (100 kv) etc.


In India: Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, UP, Mumbai, Goa etc.
We provide permit for shooting at various places.


Director, Cinematographer, Production Manager, Location Manager, Make-up Men, Hair Stylist, Lightmen, Camera Assistants, Assistant Directors, Spot Boys.

postPost Production
• Post Production
serviceOur Services/Specialization
• Films & Short Films
• Ad Films
• Documentary Films
• Commercials etc.
• Music Videos